Milton Keynes

Home to national and international companies alike MK is and always has been a hotspot of fast developing business, including a thriving startup culture that sees new arrivals springing up and moving to MK’s renowned environment. No surprise then that our client books feature just about every kind of business and residential cleaning contract you’re likely to find in the UK. We criss cross Buckinghamshire taking our skilled cleaning crews to locations across the area but MK continues to be a focus of a lot of our operations in part thanks to its thriving entrepreneurial spirit and attractive business offerings. If you’re based in or near Milton Keynes then get in touch and let us talk you through what we can do for you, your home, or your business.


We clean absolutely all types of residential property. That includes everything from the bedsit where the owner is out working all hours to blocks of flats, family homes, or managed residential properties of all sizes. If you have a preference for a particular approach to cleaning products, such as organic only products, pet friendly products, sanitizing solutions, anti bacterial, or allergen free then tell us and we will accommodate you – you’ll be far from alone and as a responsible and responsive cleaning company we are keen to do your job your way.


Pristine means prestige, pristine means pro, and our own trained professional cleaners understand that your business will be judged on the cleanliness of your premises and the gleam of those showroom spaces or display windows. If your line of business includes hospitality or food and drink then that cleanliness is life or death to your company and given the hygiene constraints of the current health situation it is essential to have all surfaces and spaces properly cleaned. Don’t worry; we take care of your commerce as if it was our own.


Keeping employees happy and safe is a priority for any business and the events of 2020 have also made it clear that workplace cleanliness and hygiene is a legal as well as a practical responsibility for any employer. So if you not only want a spotless work environment but also a spotless record as having been diligent with regard to worker safety then call on us and ask about our professional workplace cleaning solutions. We’re used to starting our working day just as your business knocks off so that as your workplace car park empties our vans draw up ready to make the workspace beautiful again ready for the next working day.

Schools and Care Homes

We aren’t in the business of panic mongering but we do see ourselves as protectors as well as simple cleaners. In the current environment it is key to understand that we don’t just wipe and mop – we sanitize, we apply anti bacterial solutions, disinfectants, and sprays for those critical environments including schools where disease spread is so easy, and care homes where the impact of that spread is all to easily felt.