Flat Cleaning

Flat cleaning should be easy – you got a flat for the convenience after all – but it simply isn’t because, well because life just gets in the way that’s why. It’s all very well to think that a flat is going to be easy to clean because it is relatively compact but that’s not taking into account the fact that life gets in the way with a million other things to do. Besides any occupants of a flat will inevitably create large amounts of cleaning work and if those occupants happen to be children or furry family members then the chances are that like those icebergs the stuff you can see is not even the half of it. So make life simple and recapture the joy of living in your home by scheduling a regular flat cleaning service. Our a la carte services mean you can specify exactly what kind of cleaning you need and what kind of frequency and intensity you require. We simply make it happen.

Regular Cleaning

Two to three hours of cleaning once a week is typically what our customers are looking for in order to ensure that they come home to a gleaming and sweet smelling flat. There is simply nothing better than coming back in, putting the kettle on, admiring the dried and replaced washing up and shiny surfaces, then putting your feet up in the middle of a flat that’s truly spic and span. Let us give your flat a quick once over at first to see what kinds of things you need cleaning and we can chat with you about how much time, what schedule suits you, and whether you need to alternate different services week on week to get the most from your cleaner.

Special Services

No two clients have the same needs and we are happy to cater for the fact that sometimes you may really appreciate ironing or dry cleaning services being done for you and sometimes perhaps you want a hand with meal preparation. Feel free to discuss your cleaning requirements.


All our cleaners come with references and we keep keys for hundreds of property owners so you can trust us to safeguard your property and your home when we work.

End of Tenancy

Coming to the end of your stay in a rented flat? Then you probably know that one of the sad experiences of all too many tenants is of not getting their deposit back because of complaints about cleanliness, or being billed for a professional clean after they go. We can help with that because we provide full professional cleaning services to satisfy landlord requirements and ensure that both parties part ways amicably. If you’re a landlord yourself then take a note of our number right now and take the initiative by suggesting us to the tenant – you’ll both be glad you did. If you’re preparing a flat for rental then the sensible way of doing it is to ensure we do the cleaning prior to rental and after it because that way we can guarantee that the cleanliness standard is exactly as it should be.