Event Cleaning

You’re having an event? Brilliant. Whether it’s marking one of life’s landmark moments, impressing customers, getting together with family and friends, or just hosting a party or gig events are a lot of work but at the end it’s worth it. The only problem is defining just what ‘the end’ really is. When everyone’s gone home the party is over for them, but if you’re the host then the work is far from over. Which is tiring because you will almost certainly have put so much into planning, logistics, invites, and maintaining the momentum of your event. The last thing you want to do as the last guest leaves is to break out the broom and start pulling on the Marigolds. There is usually enough work and stress involved in organizing an event so why not call on us to ensure that at least when it’s done you can relax while somebody else takes care of ensuring full professional quality cleaning.

Catering Cleaning

If your event involves catering then you’re probably happy to leave your caterers to take care of it but have you checked just what kind of cleaning they offer? If they’re providing all the crockery and cooking utensils they will take care of them but if any of that is yours you will probably find you have to cover the cleaning. Likewise the floors, the surfaces, even the walls (we’re not judging) will all probably have the traces that tell the tale of an event so unless you want to open up to all that the next day, or spend the rest of the night working, it makes a lot of sense to schedule our cleaning services. As pros we can also talk to you about offering cleaning services at different stages of an event so that it’s not all left to the last minute and can be finished off as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor events bring their own demands when it comes to cleaning including the importance of keeping neighbors (and local authorities) happy and being seen to protect the local environment. Count on us to ensure that your outdoor event ends with nothing out of place in the venue and no rubbish or waste to disturb the locals.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events can easily turn into large scale affairs and that multiplies the amount of work that has to be done on jobs like litter picking and waste management. Not only that but since efficient cleaning is a rolling process that goes on throughout the course of the event itself you need to be sure that the cleaning staff are a credit to you. We provide the cleaning professionals that look the job, even as they are doing the job.


Even before it became a post pandemic world there was always a need for disinfection for events and our cleaning staff come armed with the appropriate disinfectant liquids and sprays to ensure that any gathering of people is as hygienic and safe as possible.