Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning doesn’t just mean you get to live in a clean home, it can actually give you your life back by handing you back those precious hours lost when frankly you have better things to do with your precious time. Everyone could do with a little help around the home and especially if you have children or if both partners are busy with work lives it is entirely normal for the household chores to start to build up until the results are a bit depressing to live with. Turn all of that around with our friendly and helpful domestic cleaning staff who deliver reliable results at a price you can afford.

Regular Visits

Some cleaning jobs are one offs and some are regular visits to keep back the otherwise rising tide of household clutter and dirt. We can schedule any kind of cleaning regime for you from the simple dishes, surfaces, washes, and ironing to more complex jobs if required. Call us now and we’ll be happy to work with you to come up with a schedule that delivers just what you need. Ask us about ironing, dry cleaning, pressing, and services such as furniture cleaning that you may need as occasional extras to complete your domestic cleaning visits.

One Offs

Attic clearing, cleaning for a change of tenant, or cleaning after a tenant has passed away; all of these are big jobs that need to be done quickly and efficiently so that life can move on. We are the experts at sorting out those occasional but demanding cleaning jobs. Even if you are set on overseeing the work yourself you will be really grateful for the use of our extra pairs of hands and broad shoulders where they are required.

Tough Jobs

Some jobs make even the most enthusiastic homelover shudder. Like that really baked on grime on the oven, or the full basement clear out. Why worry about the work, sweat, and tears when you can simply call on our professional services and make the problem just go away without you having to shout and swear your way through a lost day of doing it yourself?

After Builder Clean

Getting the builders in? Brilliant, that means they will take care of sorting out whatever home improvements or repairs you need done. What they won’t do, however, is clean up after themselves. Builders are typically expected to do their work and then ‘make good’ but making good doesn’t mean leaving the place spotless – it means that the painting and plasterwork is finished to the expected degree and all structures are back where they should be. Even where builders are scrupulously careful at laying down tarps and plastic sheeting to protect your home they will realistically leave traces of paint spots, plaster dust, sawdust, and all the other minor debris that comes from the job. So when you’re getting the builders in, give a thought to scheduling your clean up as well so you can sit back and really enjoy the fruits of all their hard work.