As key as Milton Keynes is to the county of Buckinghamshire our hearts still belong to Buckingham itself and we are proud to offer our services to this historic market town. If you’re looking for cleaners in Buckingham, for anything from the humblest flats to the most demanding and prestigious business premises then well done because you just found the professional cleaning service you were looking for near you. Let us tell you a little about our services.

House Cleaning

Of course we do house cleaning – and for anything from bedsits to stately piles. Our one off cleaning service means that the Spring clean you’ve been putting off, or the attic clearance, or garage clear out can all stop being plans for some other time and instead become ticks in the boxes. We also schedule all kinds of regular cleaning from simply having a bit of help come round once a week to pass the hoover over the carpets and clean stubborn surfaces to a far more complete personal valet service. That can include dishwashing, clothes washing, dry cleaning and even food preparation as well as the obvious wiping and polishing of surfaces, windows, and workspaces.

Workplace Cleaning

Nobody wants to work in a workplace with accumulating dust, sticky surfaces and screens, or overflowing litter bins and yet the perennial problem of common spaces means that so often employees find that that is precisely what they are expected to do. We can bring an end to that with daily or periodic cleans that leave workplaces neat, tidy, and fresh smelling to walk into which is far more likely to lead to a productive day than walking into an environment that clearly isn’t’ cared for. Plus in this post pandemic world there is an increasing understanding of the need to sanitise worksurfaces, door handles, phones, and any other point of personal contact. We not only clean, we also bring disinfectants and anti pathogen products to the party. When we go to work everybody wins.

Event Cleaning

Planning a party? Perhaps a concert or a corporate event? Then you probably feel like you have your hands full and the pressure on without for a moment thinking about who is going to clean up the mess when the last guest finally leaves. So hand that problem over to the professionals who know exactly how to ensure that no litter remains, no stains linger, no smells are left behind and that premises are spotless and ready for use again as soon as possible after your event has finished.

Managed Residential

If your business is renting our property or caring for residents of any kind then you will know that the work of cleaning is absolutely non stop and must be shoehorned into those time slots that are often more than a little antisocial. Plus in a world where Covid cannot be ignored that cleaning has to be to the highest standards of hygiene. Talk to us today about how our professional cleaning services can take a load off your hands, and off your shoulders.