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Welcome to Domestic Cleaners at Ready of Milton Keynes – unquestionably the cleaners you were looking for if you want tip top spotlessness in Buckinghamshire and in particular around Milton Keynes and Buckingham itself. We’re proud of where we come from, and we’re proud of the work we do. The best bit about our line of business is that we get to spread that pride because every place we work in looks that much better, is that much nicer to live in, and is that much more productive as a workplace. So we like to see ourselves as more than cleaners – we are in the business of making everybody shine.

About Us

We like to think we are simply the best team of commercial cleaners operating today in Buckinghamshire. That means that we train our staff to the highest standards of hygiene and care for the environments they work in. It means we perform full background checks on workers before sending them into sensitive spaces (including your home), and it means our management takes the job of supervising tasks to ensure work is always done to everybody’s satisfaction. Because apart from anything else we find that approach is the one that brings us more repeat business and happy faces every single day.

Our Services

We do pretty much all residential and commercial cleaning and tailor that depending on your priorities, and the time and money you can budget for the business in hand. That means that we can do industrial cleaning, get cracking on those hard to shift stains, but equally at the other end of the scale we can be that friendly helping pair of hands that keeps the ironing at bay, dusts in those forgotten corners, and makes sure you have the infinite satisfaction of coming home to a clean and fragrant home after a tough day at work. So while the following are some of our most in demand services they certainly don’t represent a fixed menu – if you are looking for some a la carte cleaning then call us and we’re sure we can cater to your needs. 

Domestic Cleaning

There isn’t a soul in the land who couldn’t benefit from a helping hand around the place. Too many of us are so tired juggling our work and home lives and find that the cleaning chores suffer as our available time feels the pinch. Add busy family life or furry family members to the blend and the amount of cleaning goes up exponentially just as you start to feel you don’t have a moment to yourself. So get your life back and make your home a nicer place to be with our domestic cleaning services.

Flat Cleaning

Flats are meant to be smaller and more convenient and yet somehow they never seem to run out of corners that need cleaning, curtains and carpets that seem to be magnets for dust and fluff, and washing up that you’re sure is respawning in the sink. Get on top of it all with a friendly and helpful professional cleaner coming round as often as you want. You’d be surprised how many of our clients start with a simple weekly visit and then start to ask for more frequent visits as they realize how that outgoing fee translates directly into a better quality of life.

Event Cleaning

The big day is on its way and you’ve got your hands full with managing the logistics, the timing, the guests, and the services. You don’t have to be the organiser of Glasto to know that even relatively small events involve a huge amount of work behind the scenes in order to seem slick and effortless. Then it’s all over and you’re looking at a huge cleaning job. That one is our department. Let us take it off your hands and pick up all the litter, clean up all the floors, walls, and surfaces, and leave the venue ready for the next event.

Commercial Cleaning

From managed residential spaces to factories, warehouses, retail premises, hospitality venues, and of course offices and workplaces – we clean them all. Big or small we perform commercial cleaning to the standard you were hoping for, at a price you were dreaming of, and to schedules and antisocial hours you didn’t even want to think about. Let us take care of your commercial cleaning.

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has always been a magnet for business and a place where homeowners are truly proud to live and we are a big part of that with our cleaning services for homes and businesses alike. Whatever your needs we can come up with a schedule, and a price that will suit you.


Beautiful Buckingham is the market town we love to go to town on. Residential, domestic, or commercial cleaning – we do it all and our ever growing client list is a testament to the quality of services we provide. So let us make your home or work environment shine while you take the weight off.

Contact Us For More Information

Since we are simply the best cleaning service in Buckinghamshire we think you should get in touch with us straightaway. Whether it’s your home or your workplace we just know you have a space that could do with a bit of TLC when it comes to cleaning and tidying and we are the team to do that for you at a price and time that suits you perfectly. So give us a call.

“When you plan events the clear up doesn’t really feature in your thinking – it’s just one of those chores everyone tries not to think of at all. So we’ve been really happy to be able to hand that one over to our favourite MK cleaning service – Domestic Cleaners at Ready of Milton Keynes.” – Siobhan T.

“Having a cleaner still feels a bit like having a magic elf or Santa’s little helper around the place – stuff just gets done by magic. I love it.” – Danny D.

“Our flat rental service completely counts on Domestic Cleaners at Ready of Milton Keynes to ensure that end of tenancy cleaning is done well and on time so we don’t skip a beat or miss a single day of rental.” – Josephine L.